CHR600H improved elongation cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, to “improved elongation” title, which is the result of a number of industry experts to discuss after the naming, also in line with a proposal by one renamed Academy of Engineering aims different from the previous cold-rolled ribbed steel bars.

Since it is a improved elongation, indicating past cold-rolled ribbed steel bar low elongation. Ribbed steel cold rolling strip of the present invention from the introduction to promote the use of the product, four years later, actually no big innovations. Always low elongation is the impact of this kind of promotion of efficient saving steel industry problems. Visible, cold rolling steel strength, elongation, and shape of the three indicators of opposites unite and easy. The industry problems were tackled Zhai Brothers. They through process innovation, so I doubled the strength grade steel, material half, elongation greatly improved, to ensure construction projects safer. Marking the upgrading of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars for reinforcement applications Class I opened up new avenues.

This new technology and new products, has been national quality inspection departments and industry experts approval, enterprises have become the national standard, construction procedures and improved elongation cold-rolled steel industry-standard drafting unit. In the domestic steel production capacity is too large, supply exceeds demand, forced to promote III, IV grade steel, the phasing out of I, II grade steel under the new situation, and to promote the application of improved elongation cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, is undoubtedly a resource-saving and environment-friendly, Lee State Limin good thing.

Improved elongation cold-rolled ribbed steel cold rolling by the Henan Anyang force of research and development. In the process to change the past passive or active rolling of traditional practices, through self-developed technology controlled rolling and heat treatment temperature control technology, as well as CNC flying shear, automatic rewinding technology closely with the formation of a new cold rolled steel production process equipment, greatly improve the strength and elongation of steel, which became a scientific rolled thermomechanical treatment technology, greatly improving the technology and product quality cold-rolled ribbed bar. Construction steel products by the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center, yield strength 545-565Mpa, tensile strength reached 600-625Mpa, elongation A5 reach 18.5% -22.0%, high strength, good elongation, fully meet the mechanical properties of steel 500Mpa